Where Roots and Branches Collide

The Claypool Family

Jamie's paternal lineage comes from a long line of royalty. There are a lot of stories that come into this and we will try to go into all of them. It is hard to trace these as the record keeping beyond the middle ages is not very accurate and lore factors into a lot of stories as well. We just need to take it as it comes and try not not to get too excited. :) It does prove interesting and we will try to offer the many sides to the same story as they are presented to us. Please check out the many facets of the Claypool Branch.

The Hungarian lineage comes from Jamie's paternal grandmother Check out the ongoing-research on the Docs/Bero Branch, that has proved a challenge.

If you have any corrections, additions, deletions--please don't hesitate to contact us! We are always grateful for the wealth and sharing of knowledge.

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