Where Roots and Branches Collide

The Dement and Claypool Family

Current Names actively being researched:
Claypool, Dement, Murphy, Roberts, Redding, Dunnavant, Haskell, Reith, Bero, Docs, Miller, Harman, Doerr, Mercer, Wingfield, Metcalfe

Current Books we own:

  • The Claypoole Family, compiled by Samuel B Claypoole, Jr.
  • The Claypool Family In America, Volumes 1-5, Evelyn Claypoole Bracken

Wish List:

  • Genealogy of the Claypoole Family in Philadelphia, Rebecca Irwin Vanuxen Graff
  • DEMENTS THROUGH THE AGES, A Family History and Migration, Marilyn Holmes

If you have any corrections, additions, deletions--please don't hesitate to contact us! We are always grateful for the wealth and sharing of knowledge.

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