Where Roots and Branches Collide

The Beros and the Docs Family

Jamie's Paternal Grandmother's family is Hungarian Gypsy. Her Grandmother's maiden name is Irene Bero. Irene's father's name is Gilbert Bero who married a Judith Docs. This is my brick wall at the moment.

So far I have been most successful with Judith Docs. I have learned that in Hungarian, "J" and "Y" are interchangeable. And Hungarians do not have the "th" combination. So her name, very well could have been Judit or Yudit. Now, I have found a 1920 US Census that references a "Yucsi", as well as the Ellis Island Passenger Documents for this family from Dombrad Hungary, and I am trying to find out if "Yucsi/Jucsi" is a diminutive of Yudit. If it is and I can prove it, then I will have Judith's parent's names.

Unfortunately, Gilbert Bero is proving very hard to track down. He emigrated from Hungary in 1903 according to the 1910 US Census I found. However, I have been unsuccessful in locating his arrival documents. I found from his World War I Registration card that he was born in Szekely, Szabolcs, Hungary. I have also not come across anything that mentions his parents names.

Current Names actively being researched:
Claypool, Dement, Murphy, Roberts, Redding, Dunnavant, Haskell, Reith, Bero, Docs, Miller, Harman, Doerr, Mercer, Wingfield, Metcalfe

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