Where Roots and Branches Collide

The Claypool Family

We have been able to trace her maiden name back as early as 1500, in northern England. It was a Claypoole/Metcalf merger. When Adam Claypoole Esquire married Lady Dorothy Wingfield in 1586 they brought a long history of royalty lines into the Claypoole family line along with many stories that need substantiating. ‘Tis interesting the sorts to see all the different stories that have come out of just one name. We will go into the many royal lines from here.

James Claypoole was supposedly best friends of William Penn. He helped finance the settlement of Pennsylvania and was one of the first 13 original families to join William Penn on the Concord to Philadelphia in 1683. He was the 7th great grandfather of Jamie Claypool. Her 4th great uncle, David Chambers owned the first printing press in Philadelphia and printed the original, as well as copies of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the United Stated of America and even George Washington’s farewell address. Another 4th great uncle, John Claypoole--brother to David, married one Elizabeth Griscom—better known as Betsy Ross. He was her 3rd husband. They have had 5 children, 4 lived to maturity. Since then, nothing noteworthy has surfaced. Check out the genealogy report and the descendant report.

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