Where Roots and Branches Collide

The Dement Family

Anthony Dement knows very little of his family heritage but we shall continue to trace what we do know of it. At the moment, we know very little of his father, James Kenneth Roberts. What we do have can be found on the Roberts Branch.

Anthony's maternal grandmother's maiden name was Murphy and we are continuing our efforts to trace her lineage back to Ireland. At the moment, we've only successfully traced back to George W Murphy, 1865. Check out the Murphy Branch.

Anthony holds his mother's maiden name, Dement. We have been able to trace down through the internet and through distant relatives the Dement family line and have found some rather interesting things. But we have currently hit a stone wall in Bertie, North Carolina in 1740 where we cannot trace further at the moment--the records stop there for us. We have seen stories that the Dements are decedents of the French Huguenots but have been unable to substantiate these stories with documentation. Check out the Dement Branch

If you have any corrections, additions, deletions--please don't hesitate to contact us! We are always grateful for the wealth and sharing of knowledge.

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